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What & Why Copyright?

Copyright is a form of intellectual property right (IPR) that protects original literary, artistic, musical, and other creative works. It gives the creators of such works the exclusive right to use, reproduce, distribute, and perform their works, and prevent others from doing so without permission. Copyright protection encourages the creation of new works by ensuring that creators are able to benefit financially and receive recognition for their creative efforts.

In order for a work to be eligible for copyright protection, it must be original and fixed in a tangible medium of expression. This means that the work must be the product of the author's own creative effort and must be recorded in some way, such as in a book, on a CD, or on the internet.

Copyright Registration

Copyright registration is a legal mechanism for protecting original literary, artistic, musical, and other creative works. In other words, it protects the rights of the creators of such works and prevents others from copying or using them without permission. Copyright registration is an important aspect of intellectual property rights (IPR) and is governed by the Copyright Act, 1957 in India.

Some examples of works that are protected by copyright include: Literary works, such as books, articles, and poems, Dramatic works, such as plays and screenplays, Musical works, such as songs and instrumental pieces, Artistic works, such as paintings, sculptures, and photographs, Cinematographic films, Sound recordings etc.

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